About Us

I grew up always making things (mostly messes). My childhood was spent drawing endless floor plans and using offcuts to bring my sketches to life. I remember Kindergarten picture day and being told off for wanting to be photographed with my favourite toys - the hammer and nail board - and being told "little girls don't play with hammers".
Now I'm a big girl, and I can freely play with hammers as much as I like (and I do!)

Actively rebelling against those words has driven me my whole life. Creativity shouldn't have limits. My lifelong love of architecture and design led me to become an Interior Designer and "Carpentress"
When I needed to buy presents for my sisters children, I was disappointed to find that not much had changed since my days of kindergarten. The toy and model making market was full of the same kind of stereotypes I had grown up with, along with the standard fare of plastic junk that would inevitably be thrown away within a few weeks.

I wanted to provide something different. Something special and meaningful. Something that went against the grain of our plastic throwaway society. Something you could create proudly with your kids, and one day they could pass it down to their kids. I wanted everyone to experience the joy of making things and bringing their imagination to life.

And so Big Tiny House Co. was born.

The Team


Victoria Elise

Designs and produces all the products.


Chews leftover wood.


Get in touch - hello@bigtinyhouse.co