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Arduino Avionics – Fuel Gauge

I started playing some flight simulator again recently,

It’s something I’ve played with on & and off for years, right back to MS Flight Simulator ’95, to more recently X-Plane 10 and now X-Plane 11,

After a bit of Googling I found the amazing work Roman & Vlad Sychev are doing on their Beechcraft Baron B58 home cockpit, and the fantastic¬†ArdSimX,¬†which couldn’t be easier to interface with.

Not being the magician with PVC these guys are, I fired up Autodesk Inventor, and the 3D Printer. I had a few of the $2 SG-90 Micro servos kicking around so set to work making the fuel gauges for a B58.


I started looking at used Avionics from a B58 on eBay and online to get a feel for what the real thing looks like, and how it’s modelled in the default B58 in Xplane and the Carenado B58 which is highly regarded.

From what I could find the instruments are 50mm in diameter and that’s what I’ve modelled. Accurate dimensions on the position of the SG90 micro servos are hard to find, so I’ve measured, adjusted and I’m quite happy with the results so far.

Still need to sort the needles, acetone bath them and emboss “Beechcraft” onto them, and build the bezel out a bit further, but getting there.

Once it’s finalised I’ll put the files up online for all.


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